One of the special features of the King of Mungir was that he became a Vaishnava, even though his family had previously been devoted to worshiping Lord Siva. He also constructed a temple in honor of Sri Chaitanya, called the Prema Mandir, which is also situated in Mungir.

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Munger Mandir Vrindavan

"With loving faith in Radha Mohan, do your duty".

Deepvali Festival at Munger Mandir, Vrindavan


Govardhan-dhari Avishek, Ceremony at Munger Mandir Vrindavan


Raja Sir Raghunandana Prasada Singh also organized pilgrimages. He would rent trains from the Indian railway to bring hundreds of citizens to Vrindavana for the Vraja Mandala parikrama.

While in Vrindavana he secured land on the Mathura road to establish, acording to the royal tradition of those times, a beautiful temple, dharmsala and gosala for service to Vraja Mandala.


The temple which he constructed at this place, is now divided by the Mathura road into Mungir Mandir and Chota-Mungir Mandir, they are situated before the Rama-Krishna hospital and the Jaipur mandir.

Their lordships Sri Sri Radha Mohanji and their favorite accompanying gopis, Lalita, Vishakha, Citra and Campakalata were installed on a silver throne, surrounded by beautiful gardens of kadamba and tamal trees.

Shri Radha Mohan Temple Trust Board

Munger Raj Mandir



Anant Prasad Singh


Vice President:

Kumar Ajit Singh (Raja)



Shri Kumar Prashant Singh


Joint Secretary:

Priyesh Kumar Singh


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