Recipients of the Munger Raja Award
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Shri Shri Radha Mohan, Giriraj, and Sakhis.

Raja Raghunandan

Munger Raj Mandir, Vrindavan.

Special Services

Those who have done great service for humanity and/or the holy dhamas, the award committee will grant an Award.


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[email protected]

+91 9897836640

All those who want to make seva to Vraja Mandala and participate in the Mungir Raj Royal Award or who would like to stay in Mungir Mandir for Kartik, can contact us by e-mail or personal letter to:
Sadhu Maharaja,
Munger Mandir
Mathura Road,
near Rama Krishna Mission
Vrindavan Mathura
U.P. 281121



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